Not only the GDR chose for plattenbau as a solution to post-war housing issues. West Berlin, too, was engaged in some such projects. This also applies to quarters where you would rather expect to find Gründerzeit buildings, so as here in the old center of Schöneberg.

Inner court of the Berlin Schöneberg plattenbau complex "Schöneberger Terrassen".

Other than the surrounding Gründerzeit buildings (the ones in this area were little romantic and primarily for the working class with low wages), this project followed most Athens Charter principles, such as “sunlight for each appartment”, and “shared, green spaces instead of dense square buildings”.

Construction works at Berlin plattenbau appartment complex "Schöneberger Terrassen".

A corridor inside a 1970's subsidized appartment building.

The corridors did not always look that colorful. Actually, they were even more colorful in the past. This shot already shows a 1990’s redesign.


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