What's this?

So this is my personal showcase. “Show” in the sense of sharing views I have encountered, of demonstrating my passion for points of view, and finally and occasionally of outlining interesting details I have probably just learned myself, from any context of such views.

My passion for conserving moments in the shape of (sometimes unexpected) snapshots and connecting them to bigger sets of insights is almost as old as I am, I figure I made my first shot at the age of four. This passion has sometimes diminished, yet never stopped, and turns out to be one of really few constants for me.

I have no idea how good or bad you are going to perceive the outcome, however, feel free to comment or criticize. If you are looking for someone to take uncommon shots of whatever it may be, just try me.


Furthermore, this site is also a show (and test) case for my bilderblock Drupal theme. I originally started this theme for Wordpress, and finally decided for a migration to Drupal.

Guest posts

Some older pictures in my archive have been taken by my ancestors. In case one of them seems of sufficient historical interest, I will publish it with a signature other than my own (“DH”).